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2017 Miniature Horse Sales

Unless otherwise noted all of our horses are registered. By clicking on underlined text you will be linked to the horses' pedigrees or other in related information. Our mares have had many foals over the years that were purchased unregistered. Many of our horses have, or are bred to stallions, that carry a very nice blend of the older foundation Shetland Ponies - ex. Gold Melody BoyRowdy - which you will be able to see when you view the pedigrees.

Click on their names for pedigrees and/or on the photos to view enlargements.

Peytons Dream Catcher

DOB: 7/10/2005


"Katie" is a Komokos, Soats, Hobby Horse and Kobeck bred mare. She has been exposed to Little Kings Buckeroo Buccarra for a May 2017 foal.

UPDATE: Confirmed in foal.

For Sale: Available after foaling as a 2 in 1 package with foal or individually after weaning - private treaty.


Janzens Fancy Lace

DOB: 5/2/1999



Lacy's a sweet little mare who's pedigree includes Dell Teras Moon Man from her sire. Her dam line pools Bond and Ayers' together for Lowreys Miss Fancy Pants. 

Lacy was serviced by Laurel Acres A Blaze N Masquerade for an August 2017 foal.

UPDATE: Confirmed in foal.

For Sale: $1,700.00 

 Cottontails Lil Bobbie Socks

DOB: 4/28/2011

AMHA: A207927/AMHR 321755T

"Bobbi" is such a little sweetheart. She has been serviced by Little Kings Buckeroo Buccarra for July foal.

UPDATE: Confirmed in foal.


For Sale: $2,000.00 

Simon Says Ima Blue Boy Too

DOB: 4/21/2013

AMHA & AMHR Eligible

(Heath Creast Blue By Design x Jones Texas Tornados Blue Bonnet)

Simon was gelded November of 2016. He is 31-32" in height. He has six crosses to FWF Little Blue Boy. At this time he is not registered but is eligible for both AMHA and AMHR.

For Sale: $500.00 

Klassique Camelities Elijah (Eli)

DOB: 5/19/2014


Eli is approximately 31.75" in height. He is Parentage Qualified with AMHA and his DNA has been completed and is ready to be brought to permanent registration status this year. As his dam is a Wittmaacks Mickey Mouse grandaughter, he overs a nice Shetland blend. With his character and animated attitude combined with his physical attribrutes of straightness, refinement, top-line, length of neck, etc, this guy would make a very nice show horse. As a breeding stallion, I would expect him to downsize and enhance type. Unfortunately, I have not been showing and have other stallions.

Eli's sire and dam being a son and daughter of L&D Scout results in his being 50% L&D Scout with the added diversity of totally different dam lines!

For Sale: $1,000.00



ASA Blue Boys All Fired Up


DOB: 7/14/1994 




23 years young, with attitude to spare and still going strong as a breeding stallion! He produced two foals in 2015 and serviced no mares for 2016. We're expecting two foals for 2017 - in June our 21 year old mare & July from a splash, maiden mare who's Little Kings Black Velvet grand-daughter.


For Sale: $1,500.00 




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