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2020 Miniature Horse Sales

2020 Miniature Horse Sales

Unless otherwise noted all of our horses are registered. By clicking on underlined text you will be linked to the horses' pedigrees or other in related information. Our mares have had many foals over the years that were purchased unregistered. Many of our horses have, or are bred to stallions, that carry a very nice blend of the older foundation Shetland Ponies - ex. Gold Melody BoyRowdy - which you will be able to see when you view the pedigrees.

Click on their names for pedigrees and/or on the photos to view enlargements.

Peytons Dream Catcher

DOB: 7/10/2005


"Katie" is a Komokos, Soats, Hobby Horse and Kobeck bred mare. At 29.5'", she is the sweetist little thing!

For Sale: $3,000.00

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